Sunday, February 28, 2010

Remembering the Forgotten

This blog started life as a place to sell off gear, served its purpose, and only recently I decided to use it as a platform to share my passion for music from a drummer's perspective.

After reading the incredible blogs such as Michael Steinman's Jazz Lives, Steve Cerra's Jazz Profiles, Marc Myers' JazzWax, and Jon McCaslin's Four On The Floor it became apparent that there is not much I can add because those gentlemen provide some of the richest, in-depth content on the subject. My niche going forward is to ensure that some of the forgotten drummers are remembered, and there are many who were big names back in their day, but have been swept aside into obscurity.

In coming posts I am going to focus on Manzie Campbell, cited by Papa Jo Jones as the world's greatest drummer, and Louis Cottrell, sr. who not only influenced Baby Dodds, but all of Baby's influences as well. Louis may well be one of the most indirectly influential drummers in the history of US drum kit playing. And one of the most unknown.

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