Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Some quick recommendations for brushwork

To get up to speed on technique I have a list of learning videos on my other blog. However, if you are seeking some excellent examples, I recommend the following:
  • Good Night and Good Luck, which is the soundtrack to the movie of the same title. Dianne Reeves is backed by a small ensemble that includes brush master Jeff Hamilton. See complete review for more details.
  • The video, Diana Krall Live in Paris, also features Hamilton and contains some excellent shots of him playing brushes (and sticks.) Also see review of that video.
  • The Red Garland Trio's The Ultimate Collection features Art Taylor on drums. Most tracks are brushes and the album is 4.5 hours long. Art is one of the most prolific jazz drummers from his era and a brush master who merits close study.
  • There are two Anita O'Day videos that I highly recommend because they clearly show John Poole's playing. John was one of the all time great brush masters and, like Art Talyor, merits close study. The videos are: Jazz Icons: Anita O'Day Live in '63 & '70 (see my review). The '63 portion of the concert is Sweden and has John Poole on drums with some excellent shots of him playing. Also, some excellent footage of John is in Anita O'Day - Live at Ronnie Scott's (see my review.)
Finally, for playalong I recommend Nat King Cole Trio boxed set, which I have comprehensively reviewed on this page, and Teddy Wilson's Blues for Thomas Waller. My reasons for recommending the last album are outlined on this page.

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