Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ahmad Jamal 8 Classic Albums Part 2

This is a continuation of my last post, Ahmad Jamal 8 Classic Albums Part 1, which focuses on the value-priced set of Ahmad Jamal albums titled, Ahmad Jamal: Eight Classic Albums.

The relevance to drummers is Jamal's use of dynamics and space in his compositions and performances, and his musicians, bassist Israel Crosby and drummer Vernel Fournier.

Fournier, in particular, is worthy of close study because of his mastery of brushes and uncanny ability to craft what I consider to be perfect grooves. My assertion is a perfect lead in to the seminal, Ahmad Jamal at the Pershing

This 1958 album is my favorite and exemplifies the trio as a whole, as well as Crosby's virtuoso bass playing and Fournier's amazing drumming. Here are two clips, the first showcases Fournier's ability to play fast tempos with brushes tastefully and inventively, and his ability to craft killer grooves in the second example.

The third clip is included to showcase Jamal's playing, and how Crosby and Fournier telepathically support him.



Music Music Music

Jamal At The Penthouse.

This 1959 album is a departure from the trio format. Jamal, with bassist Israel Crosby and drummer Vernell Fournier, is joined by a 15-piece string section arranged and conducted by Joe Kennedy. Lush, yet still swinging and it maintains Jamal's signature sound. Here is a clip:

In Part 3 I'll wrap this set up. I sincerely hope that those of you who are jazz drummers explore each of these albums in depth because there are a lot of musical ideals contained within. The most economical way to explore them is via Ahmad Jamal: Eight Classic Albums. Enjoy.

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