Sunday, June 10, 2012

Ahmad Jamal 8 Classic Albums Part 3

This will conclude the three part discussion of Ahmad Jamal: Eight Classic Albums by examining the last three albums in the set.

Happy Moods.

Unfortunately (and incredibly), there are no clips on Youtube from this album. Samples of each of the tracks can be heard on this page, along with some well written reviews of the album.

In the absence of clips from the album I am going to use this opportunity to provide some live performances of the Trio that show Jamal, Crosby and Fournier in action. Hopefully that will compensate for the dearth of clips from the album itself. Also, spotting Ben Webster as an onlooker is a treat (who else do you recognize from the impromptu audience?):

All Of You.

Aside from the Jamal-Crosby-Fournier line-up, what I love about this album is the energy from the live performance and the consistency of songs. That consistency is yet another hallmark of Jamal's albums and performances, along with his mastery of dynamics and use of space. Jamal pays careful attention to song selection making sure that every choice complements the others. This album is no exception. Here is a clip:


This is a typical Ahmad Jamal Trio album - relaxing, swinging and masterful. The good news is you don't have to go far to track it down despite it being out of print since it's included in the set.

Jamal's trademark use of space and dynamics is as evident on this album as they are on all of his others, and should be required study for all musicians. Certainly his choice of Crosby and Fournier - two like minded masters - makes his job easier. Here is a track:

As you read through these three posts it's apparent that there is a lot of music in this set, some of which is now out of print and otherwise unavailable (as I write this). Visit the individual pages I've linked and tally up the total if you purchase them individually. You will clearly see that even if you want only three or four of the albums, it's more cost effective to purchase this set.

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